I Didn’t know I was depressed

Christopher’s steps were pronounced when he walked he dragged his feet and his gaze was sporadic.  He had no enthusiasm, didn’t care for friends, and he had bags under his eyes. Christopher’s childhood was spent in a home where his name was only called when he did something wrong. His mother often compared him to his siblings and even told him that he was worthless. Christopher spends his adult life trying to make it from one day to the next because his goal to kill himself.  

Christopher attended a health and wellness group hoping to find a remedy for the severe joint pain, gastrointestinal problems and insomnia he had been experiencing. It was there that he learned about the profound impact his mental state was having on his physical health. Christopher  had been assuming that his physical symptoms were due to a medical problem. He left that group knowing that he now had a choice to make, get treatment for his mental health issues or continue to suffer. What  would you do? 

Individuals are more comfortable going to the doctor to get medical screenings.  Since we are not always as intentional about doing annual mental health check-ups, we often miss signs the messages our brain sends to our bodies that we are experiencing mental distress. Furthermore, some medical doctors are not intentional about screening for mental health issues when patients report the symptoms they are experiencing.  Unfortunately, the referral to a mental health specialist typically happens after  numerous medical tests and thousands of dollars have been spent by the patient in an attempt to get a specific medical diagnosis.

Common Symptoms of Depression

  • Joint pains
  • Back pains
  • Insomnia or hyposomnia
  • Agitation
  • Loss of energy
  • Psychomotor retardation
  • Disturbance in thinking
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in behavior
  • Suicidal thoughts or Plans

The longer you wait to get help is the more severe your symptoms will become. Don’t get comfortable with your distress. You don’t have to suffer in silence! 


Published by Nicky Cameron

Emergent Counseling & Consulting embodies my passion to serve and empower. I spent the last fifteen years working in behavioral health organizations serving children and families with mental health and substance use issues. I am daring myself to trod the path before me with acceptance, openness and curiosity. I'm on a mission to prevent as many deaths by suicide as possible by teaching others how to use their coping skills to have power over their adversities. If I can help at least one person ease his or her pain and feel hopeful, then I will fulfill my purpose on earth.

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