Emotional Freedom

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first. It all seemed too easy. I wondered how something that has caused me so much stress and anxiety could be relieved just by tapping and repeating a phrase. My initial intensity was about a seven out of ten; this issue I was working on definitely did bother me, but I did not realize just how much at first. After the first round of the EFT sequence I did not feel much of a difference in the intensity than I felt before; however, after a few times of or acting the Emotional Freedom Technique I began to feel the tension and emotions travel throughout my body. I even felt like crying at one point, and my first instinct was to hold back my tears. I was reminded not to hold anything back, and I began crying uncontrollably. I kept repeating the tapping sequence and the phrase. One second I was crying and the next I just stopped. In an instant felt all this tension just leave my body, and after a few more rounds of tapping, I felt that this issue that was just causing me so much stress was almost completely gone. I felt free.

The Emotional Freedom Technique – also known as EFT or tapping – works similarly to acupuncture by tapping on your body’s meridian points to relieve tension related to negative emotions and memories that have become trapped inside your body. EFT tapping involves tapping on these meridian points while repeating a phrase. The first step of the emotional freedom technique is identifying the issue and its intensity. Then you repeat a phrase that acknowledges the source of your discomfort and reaffirms your acceptance of yourself. This phrase is repeated as you go through the EFT tapping sequence. Finally, you assess the intensity again and repeat this sequence until you feel free from the stress and negativity this issue has caused.

For more information about the Emotional Freedom Technique and how you may benefit from tapping, contact us.

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