Life After Depression

Finding your way back to “Normal”

In the world of recovery from depression there isn’t a “back to normal” blueprint to follow. Depression can often leave stains in our lives that we are left to somehow “soak” in hopes of removing or whitening the ugly. Finding our way back through the depression means we have to show up for ourselves in ways we may have never needed to before. At times, recovering and healing can be much more traumatic than the actual experience itself, if we try to heal on our own. Healing can often occur in the most unexpected experiences and places.  Finding your way back to the normal doesn’t mean that the depressive symptoms or stressful experience doesn’t bother you anymore. It means you can explore new and positive ways to navigate through your own adversity and tribulations without letting them defeat or deplete your purpose. 

It’s okay if you’re afraid, unsure or even skeptical about how you can overcome depression. I often have clients who will express to me, “How can you really help me?”, “Nobody understands what I’ve been through!”. My response to these clients is that although I may not understand everything you have been through, I will be there to assist you in tapping into your resilience and your strength to overcome. The journey can be challenging and intimidating but here are some great tips I’ve seen transform many of my client’s journeys on their road to healing. Keep in mind that these are just tips, so I encourage you to explore more on your own personal road to healing from depression:

  • Seek counseling/therapy
  • Do something that makes you smile daily
  • Do one pleasurable activity every week
  • Try a new hobby (dancing, singing, drawing)
  • Exercise! Get the body moving and the circulation flowing
  • Don’t spend too much time alone! Find a support group friend or positive community outlet

The truth is every human experiences’ some form of depression or sadness whether it’s for a short amount of time or an extended period. Challenge yourself to try the new things that can help the OLD PAIN. Don’t just find the Normal, find your FREEDOM!

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