The Art of Positive Self-Talk

10 Ways to Address the “Anxious Voice”

We all experience anxiety or worry from time to time. How we deal with those anxious moments determine whether or not we are able to navigate through the emotions, or if the emotions consume us. Anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with our lives, relationships and overall sense of safety. When we no longer have control over this emotion, anxiety creates and imbalance in our cognition and insight. One of the biggest challenges in overcoming anxiety is dealing with the “negative thinking”. 

The brain is like a delicate machine that is ultimately controlled by our thoughts, feelings and emotions. What we “feed” our machine, determines how it operates and functions. When negative thinking becomes the main source of “engine oil”, it affects how we think of ourselves, the feelings we experience and the behaviors we display. The only way to disrupt the pattern of negativity is to replace the “bad engine oil, with the good engine oil”. Think of your negative thoughts as the old rusted oil in your car. If you don’t get proper car maintenance to have your oil changed, the car will break down eventually; before that car breaks down, it will likely undergo different complications such as exhaust smoke, engine noise and knocking. 

Brain-maintenance is so much like car maintenance. We must be mindful of how we care for it and what we put in it so that it runs smoothly. When anxiety attempts to disrupt the smooth function of our operation, we must learn to practice replacing it with Positive Self Talks! Practice affirming yourself on a daily basis and begin to see the changes within yourself and your mind. Here are 10 affirmations that have worked both for myself and the clients I serve:

  1. Tell Fear it’s a Liar! (Fear I know your trying to protect me today, but I got this)
  2. Remind yourself of your worth ( “I am strong”, “I am capable”)
  3. Practice the art of controlled breathing (Inhale like you’re going underwater, Exhale like your breathing through a straw)
  4. Always welcome humor! (A good laugh calms the nerves and stimulates a positive attitude)
  1. Plan a comeback statement for every negative thought you have  “they honestly don’t like being around me” “my energy and good attitude attracts people to me”
  2. Learn what triggers your anxiety (take account of what’s happening in your body when your triggered)
  3. Journal your anxious thoughts and write about how you got through each experience 
  4. Practice Positive “I statement’s” in the mirror 
  5. Count to Ten slowly
  6. Talk to a trusted friend, family member or counselor 

There are many other strategies for managing and controlling anxiety. Take some time to explore what may work better for you and your personality. As always, find positive ways to be intentional about your healing!

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