Our Founder

You can transform your life! You survived yesterday, the day before,  and last month because you are resilient! 

Anxiety and depression can be crippling, and it causes suffering. You’re not weak; the negative energy around you has just outnumbered your efforts to get back on track.  Call Now!

I am Nicky Cameron, the founder of Emergent Counseling & Consulting, and an ambassador of healing and hope. I know what it’s like to be crippled by shame, feelings of inadequacy and fear. I suffered from severe anxiety for many years, and was afraid to ask for help because I didn’t want to be judged; I didn’t feel like I could trust anyone to tell them that I was suffering. I refused to allow anxiety to break me, I reached out for help, and went back to school to become a therapist so I could health others. Although it was terrifying, it was the most liberating thing I ever did for myself. Dare to Emerge!

My expertise is in Case Management, Coaching, Individual and Group Counseling, and Program Management. I have over sixteen years experience working in the field of mental health. I pursued my studies in Social Work and Public Health from Florida International University. I am a Licensed Therapist, a Coach, and a Certified Behavioral Health Case Management Supervisor. I enjoy mentoring and empowering others to maximize their potential. I am also qualified by the State of Florida to provide clinical training to other individuals who are pursing their licensure in counseling.