You can transform your life! You survived yesterday, the day before,  and last month because you are resilient! 

People underestimate how stressful and overwhelming life can get. You’re not weak; the negative forces around you have just outnumbered your efforts to maintain balance in your life. Trauma, guilt, shame, and anxiety can be crippling and is even more severe without treatment. Call Now

I am Nicky Cameron, an ambassador of healing and hope, and the founder of Emergent Counseling & Consulting. I flunked a math test when I was 13; my teacher called me out in front of the class, had me face my classmates and she told them that I was a dunce. I  was ashamed, I felt inadequate and I kept it a secret from my parents because I believed the teacher. My self-esteem took a dive, classmates teased and bullied me, and I struggled with a constant fear of failure from there on. I suffered from severe anxiety for many years and I was afraid to ask for help because I was ashamed and felt unworthy. I became a perfectionist and I was afraid of being judged.  So many times I wanted to kill myself, I wanted to end the emotional pain because it was unbearable.  I felt unsafe in my body because of anxiety. I had to fight to maintain my sanity. I was never taught how to deal with stress and did not learn about anxiety until I was a young adult. I felt like I was living in hell. I refused to allow anxiety to break me. Instead, I decided to take the risk and asked for help.

Therapy should not retraumatize, that’s why I use non-invasive methods to help my clients. My expertise is in Case Management, Coaching, Individual and Group Counseling, and Program Management. I have over sixteen years experience working in the field of behavioral health. I am a Licensed Therapist, a Coach, a Certified Behavioral Health Case Management Supervisor, and a Qualified Clinical Supervisor of Social Work. 

Emergent Counseling & Consulting LLC., is an embodiment of my passion to serve and empower. I am dedicated to providing quality authentic, innovative and radical care to my clients. Let me help you change your path, Call Now!

Client Testimonial

“Ms. Cameron is by far a master at her craft. The guidance that she has provided for me is life changing. She is an incredible motivator and takes pride in each moment she spends educating others. She is attentive, efficient, accountable and extremely insightful.

Choosing her is one of the greatest decisions I have made for myself. She challenges you to go the extra mile in your career and/or personal life while driving you towards becoming your best self. I highly recommend her services.”

– Brittnii B.

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