“Depression, you don’t control me anymore!”

Finding the purpose in your Pain My mother always told me growing up, “if you’ve never learned, then you’ve never lived”. She always recounted her life’s journey by sharing a lot of her painful stories. Reflecting on these moments now as an adult, I now appreciate the lesson she always tried to deliver that “thereContinue reading ““Depression, you don’t control me anymore!””

The Art of Positive Self-Talk

10 Ways to Address the “Anxious Voice” We all experience anxiety or worry from time to time. How we deal with those anxious moments determine whether or not we are able to navigate through the emotions, or if the emotions consume us. Anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with our lives, relationships and overallContinue reading “The Art of Positive Self-Talk”

The Connection Between Trauma & Addictions

A Trauma focused Lens on Addictions Escaping Addictions  By Ashanti Shakespeare She tried to heal, But she began to feel, The hurt abuse and pain The years of trauma that covered her brain Using pills and potions to feel sane To only discover, the memories would come back to haunt her again. There wasn’t aContinue reading “The Connection Between Trauma & Addictions”

The Gift and Curse of Social Media

How Social Media Triggers Depression Social media is a platform used to connect millions of people all over the world efficiently and quickly. Social media has grown tremendously over the years with several different applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect people with each other. With the click of a button, one couldContinue reading “The Gift and Curse of Social Media”

Depression Does not Discriminate!

Avoiding the Stereotypes of Depression Among People What is depression? Depression is a serious medical illness that has negative effects on how you feel, think and act. It also affects relationships and may affect your ability to function in various settings such as school or work. Depression common symptoms are feelings of sadness, loss ofContinue reading “Depression Does not Discriminate!”


Understanding how ADHD can impact Depression When most people think of someone diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) they are probably picturing a child who has an immense amount of energy who requires constant redirection and supervision. Although ADHD is recognized as the “hyper child diagnoses”, it should not be taken lightly. People diagnosedContinue reading “ADHD WITH DEPRESSION”