5 Facts About Students’ Mental Health

1. Anxiety is the top mental health concern among students closely followed by depression. According to the American Psychological Association, about 41% of students suffer from anxiety disorders, and about 36% suffer from depression. 2. Most people experience the first signs of mental illnesses in their teenage years to early 20s. About 50% of mentalContinue reading “5 Facts About Students’ Mental Health”

Understanding Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental illness that results in extreme feelings of worry, fear, and self-doubt. Anxiety can be caused by a variety of experiences and events in a person’s life; some people may even have a genetic disposition for this condition. Anxiety triggers vary widely from person to person. Therefore, it is important forContinue reading “Understanding Your Anxiety”

5 Common Mental Health Myths

1. Medication is the only way to treat a mental health issue. While some people who suffer from mental health illnesses do require medication to manage their symptoms, medication is only one part of the equation. Therapy is also an effective way of treating mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It is important toContinue reading “5 Common Mental Health Myths”