The Mental Health “Taboo” among African Americans

No Shame in Seeking Therapy Campaign In the African American communities, therapy is often viewed as a service “for the crazy people”. African Americans have had a history of suppressing their pain and praying their way through their mental health issues. Many believe that seeking professional guidance to assist with their mental health can somehow … Continue reading The Mental Health “Taboo” among African Americans

5 Facts About Students’ Mental Health

1. Anxiety is the top mental health concern among students closely followed by depression. According to the American Psychological Association, about 41% of students suffer from anxiety disorders, and about 36% suffer from depression. 2. Most people experience the first signs of mental illnesses in their teenage years to early 20s. About 50% of mental … Continue reading 5 Facts About Students’ Mental Health

Understanding Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental illness that results in extreme feelings of worry, fear, and self-doubt. Anxiety can be caused by a variety of experiences and events in a person’s life; some people may even have a genetic disposition for this condition. Anxiety triggers vary widely from person to person. Therefore, it is important for … Continue reading Understanding Your Anxiety