Understanding Substance Abuse

“The opposite of addiction is connection… -Johann Harri” I often thought of addiction as something that one could overcome if they simply “put their mind to accomplishing it”. I used to assume that one’s desire to fulfil their addictive dependencies was based on their selfishness and a lack of concern for the loved ones around … Continue reading Understanding Substance Abuse

The Mental Health “Taboo” among African Americans

No Shame in Seeking Therapy Campaign In the African American communities, therapy is often viewed as a service “for the crazy people”. African Americans have had a history of suppressing their pain and praying their way through their mental health issues. Many believe that seeking professional guidance to assist with their mental health can somehow … Continue reading The Mental Health “Taboo” among African Americans

Four Reasons Why Teenagers Rebel

I recently facilitated a rap session with a group of teens and young adults ages 16 to 19. They identified one of their main stressors as their parents’ unintentional oppressive tendencies. They were frustrated with the dictatorship parenting style in their homes and stressed its ineffectiveness. Although well intentioned, certain parenting approaches can unknowingly trigger … Continue reading Four Reasons Why Teenagers Rebel