Who do you work with?

We provide individual to adults and teenagers via tele-therapy and in office. My expertise is in anxiety, depression, stress, and post-traumatic stress. We also offer workshops and group sessions as we promote mutual support and believe in the power of collective healing.

Do you offer consultation?

Absolutely! We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation so you get to learn more about our services, and how we can help you.

What can I expect from therapy?

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous or afraid before your first appointment. You may even catch yourself trying to justify not following through with therapy and talking yourself out of going to the first appointment. Therapy is a journey shared between you and the therapist. We employ a supportive strength-based approach; we are not in the business of dictating how our clients should live their lives. You will be provided with a supportive non-judgmental space, objectivity, tools, suggestions and honesty to help you make the decisions you want to make to change the direction of your life. Therapy requires an open-mind, work, commitment and behavior change. You will a return on whatever you invest.

What happens during the first session?

We do not expect you to be vulnerable in the first session as we understand that your vulnerability must be earned. The initial session will last about 90 minutes. This the time for you to thoroughly interview your therapist to ensure that the therapist is competent. As the counseling process is a long one, the client-therapist relationship is crucial to healing. Therefore, we also encourage you to use this time to determine whether you feel a sense of ease in the therapist’s presence. This is also an opportunity for you to set your expectations, share your goals and what you would like to change.

How long do appointments last?

The standard length of a therapy session is 55-60 minutes. However, we also offer 75- and 90-minute sessions, please contact us regarding availability and pricing.

How often are the sessions?

The sessions are typically once or twice per week; session frequency is also dependent on the severity of symptoms and financial capabilities. Some of our clients who are struggling with severe symptoms initially see us twice per week for support to boost relief form their distress. As you meet your goals, you can begin to taper off your sessions and transition into the maintenance phase of treatment.

Do you provide online counseling?

Yes, in office face-to-face therapy allows for more direct connection with your therapist; virtual sessions are offered by telephone or secure video platform to persons who are unable to access therapy in person.

How much do you charge for your sessions?

I charge $100-175 per 60-minute session. Payment is collected at the time of service.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I accept the following insurances:

Aetna, Beacon, Carisk Health, Cigna, Humana, Managed Care Concepts, Optum and United Behavioral Health

I strongly suggest that you check with your insurance carrier to ensure that counseling is a covered service.