Your Healing Partners

Nicky Cameron, Founder/Holistic Trauma Relief Therapist

We have a history of igniting hope and creating safe spaces for our clients to heal!

You deserve to be well, you deserve to be happy, and live life your way. Healing is complicated, overwhelming, frustrating, beautiful, rewarding and liberating. You don’t have to do it alone, we will take care of you!

My associates, Anecia, Ashanti, Casey, Mernelle and Shayna share similar beliefs, values, and vision. I am confident that the treatment approaches we offer can help you. I have experienced and researched every therapy technique that we offer. The therapy will work if you do the work! I take full responsibility for the care that we provide to our clients, and I hold my associates accountable for the work they do.

Stacey ReyesAdministrative Assistant/Intake Coordinator

I’m Stacey, your Administrative Support Specialist, and I am excited to see you thrive with us! My plan is to become a therapist; I have an Associates of Art Degree from Broward College and I’m on track to receive a Human Services Certificate. I am passionate about mental health and helping people, and will pursue my Masters in Clinical Social Work. I’m looking forward to providing you with assistance and will do so with the utmost care.

Anecia Collins-Grief Resolution Therapist

My friends would say I’m their moral compass, I am Jamaican born, a basketball fanatic, I’m adventurous, and I love to dance, and travel. Whether you lost a loved one, your job, or a relationship, whatever is causing you grief, I can help you to get through it so you can learn to live despite the loss. Compassion, vulnerability and safety are at the forefront of the care I provide to my clients.

I completed my clinical studies with Florida International University, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 16 years’ experience providing therapy in the areas of child welfare, palliative care and case management. I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Repressing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and Motivational Interviewing to help my clients resolve grief and loss related issues.

Grief is a natural response to loss, you don’t have to avoid the memory, blame or punish yourself for the loss you experienced. I’m here and ready to support you!

Ashanti Shakespeare-Trauma and Addictions Recovery Therapist

I am Ashanti, a Poet, I am American-born and of Jamaican descent. I enjoy cooking, and various other forms of expressive arts. If you feel disconnected from yourself and are struggling with anxiety, depression or an addiction, it would be an honor for me to support you. I engage anti-oppressive spiritual approaches in the work I do with my clients. I can help you find the fuel you need to become successful despite the challenges life has been throwing your way.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with expertise in individual and group therapy, case management and addictions treatment. I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Repressing (EMDR), EFT Tapping, Mindfulness Techniques, Play Expressive Arts, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapies to support my clients to access the healing they deserve.

Casey GowansRelationship and Conflict Management Therapist

A statement that best describes me: a native of Guyana, a lover of Soca, travel and food. Therapy does not have to be a task, it can be creative, empowering and supportive. I work with individuals who are struggling with anxiety because of life changes and they looking for support to either save their relationship, process separation, or re-enter the dating world. I also work with couples who need support to find the root of conflict in their relationships, and eradicate it so they can restore intimacy, trust, and a form healthy secure bond.

I am a graduate of Florida International University, where I obtained a Masters in Social Work. My experience is diverse and spans 14 years in the field of mental health and ranges from case management, substance abuse treatment, to program management, individual and family therapy. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist; I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for individuals and couples. I am also trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for trauma, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for couples, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

I can help you find your way through the storm of insecurity, mistrust and conflict so that you can learn to love and appreciate each other all over again. 

Dr. Shayna Forgetta, PhD, MSW-Anxiety and Stress Management Therapist

Do you feel like you’ve lost your voice, your sense of self, and your place in the world? Perhaps you are so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start, and you are tired of feeling anxious, misunderstood and alone. I work with adults who are looking for support, guidance, and a safe space to reclaim their voice and radically accept themselves.

I am a foodie, a nurturer, I enjoy yoga, knitting, and adventure novels. I use holistic approaches to support my clients in a non-oppressive manner. I am a sex positive therapist, LGBTQIA+ affirming, and I work with clients of all identities. I have served in a variety of capacities in the mental health field for the past 7 years doing direct clinical work, research, and teaching as an adjunct instructor. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my PhD in Public Affairs, and I am a Pre-Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

It would be an honor for me to partner with you and support you on your journey to reclaim your voice. 

Mernelle Saint Jean, Anxiety and Stress Management Therapist

Stop hating yourself for everything you wish you were, and start loving yourself for everything that you are…

I enjoy working with adults and teens, I speak Creole, I’m a Blogger, I love to travel, have fun and partner with my clients on their journey to self-love. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a graduate of Barry University. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders, trauma recovery, and I offer individual and family therapy. I am held accountable by the highest standards and seize every chance I get to build on my competence.

I provide quality care, and I feel honored to serve in my role as a healer, a supporter and a cheerleader.

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