Pre-teens, like adults, are often faced with stressful situations whether it’s conflict with a friend or conflict with parents. As Pre-teens grow, increasing demands are placed on them to take on more tasks at school, and they may have difficulty adjusting; this seldom results in conflict with their teacher. A change in routine, situations or environment can cause tweens to experience, sadness, anxiety, fear, and anger. Parents are sometimes able to provide comfort and support to help tweens adjust, and their reaction to the change or stressful situation is short-term. However, tweens who have prolonged severe responses to life’s pressure often require professional help to manage symptoms of anxiety.

Parenting is challenging and gets even harder and more frustrating when you are uncertain about how to deal with a child who is angry, anxious, severely depressed and making remarks about committing suicide.

Imagine having a peace of mind that you no longer have to cringe when you see the school calling, and the only notes you get from the teachers are those commending your tween for good behavior. I will work with your child to identify stressors, take responsibility for their behaviors and use positive coping skills to combat anxiety.  Call Now!