Pursuing Peace with an Anxious Mind

how to cope with anxiety Finding peace within your life can be difficult when dealing with anxiety. Anxiety can be a very normal emotion to experience when dealing with a stressful life event or situation. It’s the signal in our brain that tells us, “Listen, things are getting a bit intense in here, I thinkContinue reading “Pursuing Peace with an Anxious Mind”

What’s There to Be Anxious About?

I sat across from her watching her squirm in agony. Several people tried to help her, but she refused to let them help. I could tell she was embarrassed. She curled into a fetal position in her seat and hung her head low. The flight was headed from Fort Lauderdale to New York; she wasContinue reading “What’s There to Be Anxious About?”


Dear Anxiety: I remember the first time I met you; I was confident, determined and carefree. You appeared out of nowhere, as if you were lurking in the background, waiting for the chance to take advantage of me. I was introduced to you by a family member as she told me I was unworthy. YouContinue reading “THE BREAKUP”