Diary of a Recovering Overachiever

The Five Stages of Academic Burnout Deena Rey Cameron The holidays are coming up! Though typically a cause for celebration, this phrase may inspire dread for college students. As a student myself, I completely empathize. Nothing’s worse than hearing relatives fantasize about Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gifts when your holiday season has consisted of all-nightersContinue reading “Diary of a Recovering Overachiever”

The Gift and Curse of Social Media

How Social Media Triggers Depression Social media is a platform used to connect millions of people all over the world efficiently and quickly. Social media has grown tremendously over the years with several different applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect people with each other. With the click of a button, one couldContinue reading “The Gift and Curse of Social Media”

Depression Does not Discriminate!

Avoiding the Stereotypes of Depression Among People What is depression? Depression is a serious medical illness that has negative effects on how you feel, think and act. It also affects relationships and may affect your ability to function in various settings such as school or work. Depression common symptoms are feelings of sadness, loss ofContinue reading “Depression Does not Discriminate!”

5 Reasons Why Young Adults get Depressed

There is a gross misperception that when an individual enters young adulthood (between the ages of 18 to 29) they transition into a state of bliss, fun and contentment. On the contrary, it can be extremely difficult to adjust when transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.  For many in that age group it is a timeContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Young Adults get Depressed”