Power Up !

Four Ways to Boost Your Mental Wellness For The Upcoming Year Deena Rey Cameron Cheers to the New Year! At the beginning of each new year, people frequently adopt positive mentalities and set ambitious new objectives for themselves. However, by the end of the year, only a small percentage of the resolutions that so manyContinue reading “Power Up !”

The Power of The Tongue

It’s Time to Start Using Words of Affirmation Deena Rey Cameron If someone could only write a book about you using words that you have already said, would you like that book? All too often, people say and do things without thinking about them. While overthinking can cause serious problems, I argue that not thinkingContinue reading “The Power of The Tongue”

Social Media and The Death of Individuality

Why It May Be Time to Detox Deena Rey Cameron Social Media is not reality. Actually, let me rephrase, for the people who are about to stop reading: Social media is only a snapshot of reality. Oftentimes, when people advise against social media, they use hyperbolic language and do not root their arguments in truth.Continue reading “Social Media and The Death of Individuality”

Should I Get Therapy ?

And Why the Answer is YES ! Deena Rey Cameron Mental health has increasingly become a recognized aspect of overall wellness, especially in the light of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent mass quarantine, wherein the entire population (excluding essential workers) was ordered to stay inside. The pandemic highlighted and, in some cases, exacerbated several issues,Continue reading “Should I Get Therapy ?”

Are You Disciplined or In Denial?

5 Steps to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True Deena Rey Cameron As the New Year approaches, many of us have started thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Though it’s never too late to make a change, there’s something about the beginning of a brand new year that inspires optimistic ambition. Making resolutions can beContinue reading “Are You Disciplined or In Denial?”

How NOT to be the Grinch on Christmas

Four Tips to Help Manage Holiday Stress Deena Rey Cameron The holiday season has officially begun! Growing up, the food, music, presents, and twinkling lights that typically accompany the holidays enchanted me. As I grew older, I was devastated to learn that the holiday season featured more than just hot cocoa and Mariah Carey; stressorsContinue reading “How NOT to be the Grinch on Christmas”